We encourage our kids to unapologetically be true to who they are, but how many of us our hiding some beautiful curls underneath our heat-straightened hair?

Well, I say “Let’s rock those curls!”  The summer is a great time to embrace your natural waves and curls by letting the increased humidity work in your favor and not trying to fight it.  For tips on how I keep my curls healthy, defined and looking good, read on…

Tip 1: Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more!

Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, so it needs more moisture. If you’ve been straightening with heat (blowouts or flat irons), you need to get that moisture back into your hair for health. I love the new “Dream Routine” Overnight Hydration treatment. It’s a rinse-free formula – just put it in at night and wake up to hair that is 3x more hydrated. Super easy, super effective. You also want to consider water your friend. Scrunch water into your hair in the shower and keep a spray bottle on hand when styling so you are styling WET hair. I see a huge difference in my definition and curl pattern when I keep my hair soaking wet as I form and style my curls.

Tip 2: Find a daily routine that works for you. Don’t be afraid to switch it up.

I really pay attention to my hair and how it’s feeling. When it feels dry, I add products with more moisture. When it seems like it’s not holding shape and getting “fluffy,” I cut back on the moisturizing products. I have a whole cabinet of products that ALL work for me – it just depends on the day, the weather, and what my hair is like.

My favorite all-around hair care line is Innersense Organic Beauty. I found this line at my salon when my stylist used it to style my curls after a cut. It looked SO good, I decided to give their line a try and loved it so much, I stuck with it. Here’s what I do….

  1. Once a week or as needed – clarify with the Detox Hair Mask (I see amazing results with this when my hair is feeling like it has product build-up)
  2. On wash days – wash with the Hydrating Cream Hair Bath,
  3. On wash days – condition with the Hydrating Cream Conditioner
  4. Brush through the Quiet Calm Curl Control (make sure to put on WET hair and spray with more water)
  5. Once curls are styled with my Denman D3 brush (see below), I lock in the shape with the I Create Hold Styling Gel

Tip 3: That advice about not brushing curls? It’s a MYTH!

ALL types of hair need to be detangled, styled and finished. My go-to here are Denman Brushes.

I detangle with the D90L, style with the D3 and finish with the D17. Styling is key! Take each curl clump and give it some tension with the Denman D3, like you’re curling a ribbon on a gift with a pair of scissors. Add more water if needed and seal that perfect curl with gel.

Tip 4: Fight the frizz – before you dry!

I once read – frizz that you see when your hair is wet will be there when your hair is dry. So, I try to tackle the frizz before I diffuse my hair and then address any stragglers once I’m done drying. For YEARS, I’ve been using John Freida’s Frizz Ease Serum and when it comes to tackling frizz, there is nothing better.

Tip 5: Take the time to protect your hair at night.

You DO NOT want to be washing and styling your hair every day. First, it’s damaging to your hair. Less styling = healthier hair. And two, WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?  So, what’s a curly girl to do? PROTECT those curls while she sleeps. Mulberry silk scrunchies and pillowcases from Fisher’s Finery have been a game changer for my hair and its health. I simply “pineapple” all my curls on top of my head at night with their silk scrunchie and then sleep on the silk pillowcase. It reduces frizz and breakage and when I take my hair out of the scrunchie in the morning, it looks freshly styled. I recommend washing every 3 days, or whenever your scalp doesn’t feel clean.