Easter Basket Hunt With Riddles

I love this Easter tradition because it makes finding the Easter baskets a fun morning activity and just adds to the overall excitement of the day! Best of all – your kids are practicing early literacy skills like READING, DECODING and RHYMING while they hunt for their baskets. Parent win!

You can modify this activity as appropriate for the age of your child(ren) by reading the riddles to them if they aren’t reading yet, or helping them with words they can’t figure out.

I put a few jellybeans in each egg with the clue so they have fun eating little treats along the way until they get to the grand prize – their Easter baskets.

The hunt with riddles is pretty easy to set up – especially since I’ve done the hard work for you and created the riddles.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Print out the Easter Basket Hunt Riddles using the free download here.
2. Cut apart
3. Place one riddle in each egg. You can number the riddles (and eggs) to help keep track. I place the first egg/riddle right outside my kids’ bedroom doors so they see it immediately when they wake up. (And maybe a little extra candy to catch their attention!)
4. Once that egg is placed, put the next egg in the location the first egg clue leads to.
5. Continue on until you have used all clues. You can use the supplied riddles in any order that works for you. The final riddle leads the kids outside to find their baskets, but if that doesn’t work due to weather, etc. you can just omit that riddle and use the one before it as the final one.

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